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Orthodontic Treatment Fees

Orthodontic Treatment Fees

Consultation Fees Prices
Adults €80
Children (under 18) €60
Treatment Fees - Children Under 18
Fixed Braces (Upper and Lower) €3995
Single Arch Treatment €2500
Removable Braces (occasionally used in pre-teen treatment) €600
Functional Appliance  
Functional Appliance €1500
Functional Appliance + Upper and Lower Braces €4495
Treatment Fees - Adults  
Single Arch Treatment €2900
Fixed Braces  
Fixed Braces metal (Upper and Lower) €3995
Ceramic Braces (Upper and Lower) €4395

Fixed Braces (Upper Ceramic and Lower Metal or visa versa)

Invisalign upper and lower                          €4495
Invisalign single arch €4000
Other Treatments  
Removable Retainer (Upper or Lower only) €100
Removable Retainer (Upper and Lower) €200
Fixed Retainer €150
10% discount available to second and subsequent family members.  

Fees include the provision of one set of retainers and supervision of retainers for 24 months.

Subsequent family consults are free, if one child is undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Tax Relief is available at the standard rate on orthodontic fees through the Med 2 scheme. This means that anyone paying income tax in Ireland can claim a refund of 20% on fees paid (e.g. 700 euros can be reclaimed in Tax if treatments cost 3500 euro). Parents or guardians are allowed to claim a refund for their dependent children. Please ask us for further information or visit

Download MED2 form here

Interest Free Payment Plans Available - Please Contact Us to Discuss.


"Child metal train tracks typically over 18 months of treatment, €600 at time of braces being fitted followed by 18 monthly payments of €188.61. Total Cost €3995"


"Adult ceramic train tracks typically over 18 months of treatment, €600 at time of braces being fitted and 18 payments of €210.83. Total Cost €4395"